Corporate Relocation Plan

Corporate Relocation Plan

We know moving is stressful and emotionally draining, even under the best of circumstances. It’s not easy saying good-bye to your friends and setting off to start a new life in another community with new neighbors, churches, schools, doctors, dentists, etc. To insure that you don’t have to worry about the physical aspects of the move, American International Movers has implemented a program to take the worry out of moving.

  • Establish a Schedule
  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Storage
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Special Destination Services

We will help determine your needs and establish a schedule

Soon you will be contacted so we may determine exactly what your packing, loading, and other moving requirements will be. It is important that nothing significant be overlooked when this survey is made, so please remember to include items you may have stored in sheds, attics, and basements. During this survey, obstacles such as elevators, long carrying distances, and stairways will also be identified.
* Scheduling your move
If possible, during the preliminary survey, we would like to determine the date you plan to vacate your current home and when you would like to move into your new one. Please be aware that it is often difficult to schedule dates less than fourteen days in advance, so the earlier we can determine your preferred moving dates, the better we will be able to serve you. Scheduling a move during the summer months, especially during the first and last seven days of the month, may require more advance notice. A spread of days to deliver your furniture will be required.
In some cases, an additional day may be required for packing as well as loading. If the size of the job is such that another day is required for packing and loading, your consultant will notify you after the preliminary survey has been completed.
* Determining your valuation
American International Movers, Inc. will make every effort possible to protect your possessions from loss or damage, but the exact amount of your coverage will depend on your company’s relocation policy. Those details must be discussed with your American International consultant.
However, there are two important facts you should know, Click to read more.


Before the packers and/or movers arrive at your home, we recommend that you place all valuable items such as jewelry, collectable, documents, computer programs and disks, etc., in a secure area, along with personal items that you will keep with you as you travel.
* Things to be completed before packing day:
Empty the dishwasher, refrigerators, and freezers
Remove all trash
Remove breakables from closets and drawers
Take down items mounted to walls (except pictures).
This includes curtain rods, attached bookcases, appliances, and the like.
* You will need to be on hand during packing.
It will be necessary for you to be available during the packing of your household goods to answer questions relative to the special care of fragile items and labeling designations for proper placement upon delivery. In addition you will be expected to make a complete inspection of your property before the packers leave to be sure nothing has been overlooked. Please be sure to check the following items:
Be sure all boxes have an inventory sticker and lot number.
Be sure items with different destinations are clearly identified and listed on a separate inventory.


It will be necessary for you to be present when your goods are being loaded to answer questions that may arise and several important legal documents must be signed.
Bill of Lading
Prior to loading you will be required to complete the Bill of Lading. This is the legal moving document. On the left side is a section which relates to the value of the goods being moved. Check the total to be sure it agrees with the amount you discussed with your consultant. If your needs have changed and additional coverage is required, call your American International consultant.
Before loading, an inventory will be prepared which will indicate the number and condition of each article moved. It is your responsibility to examine each description to make sure every article has been listed. Articles with different destinations should have stickers of a different color and should be listed on a separate inventory.
Final Inspection
Be sure to inspect all rooms including attic, basement, closets, garage, storage buildings and yard to insure that all articles have been inventoried and loaded on the van.
Destination Information
To avoid unnecessary delays, provide the driver with destination address and phone number, as well as an interim phone number or contact person at destination.


If storage is necessary and has been authorized by your company, the goods will be taken to a prearranged facility and stored. Stored goods are not readily accessible, so it is very important not to place items in storage which may be needed before the scheduled release date.
It is recommended that you do not store items which are sensitive to temperature or humidity such as candles which could melt, or liquids which could freeze.
If your release date is undetermined prior to storage of your property, such as the construction of a new residence, advance notice of approximately two weeks is preferred. Please contact your moving consultant as soon as your desired delivery date is known.


It is imperative that you be present when your household goods are delivered to your new residence. You will be responsible for checking each item on the inventories and verifying their condition.
You must open all cartons containing high-value items and check their contents against your copy of the inventory. If there are any discrepancies, call your move consultant at once.
Be sure to note any and all exceptions on the inventories at the time of delivery. If any items on the inventory fail to be unloaded or appear to be damaged, it is important to note such discrepancy on the inventory and contact your move consultant at once.
At the time of delivery, the mover will place your goods in whatever room you specify. You may also specify the original placement of the furniture. However, the movers cannot be expected to rearrange the furniture once it has been placed according to your instructions. In such a case an additional labor charge may be assessed. Extra labor charges that are not pre-authorized by your employer will be collected in cash upon completion of said service.


If your company’s relocation policy includes unpacking, arrangements should be made with your moving consultant prior to moving because it usually requires a week or more to schedule this service. It is important that you understand that unpacking does not include putting your goods away. Instead, they will be removed from the cartons and placed on counter tops, tables, floors and beds. All empty cartons and packing materials will be disposed of by the packers. The moving company cannot guarantee that unpacking will take place the day after your goods are unloaded. However, every effort will be made to meet your schedule.

Special destination services

Your movers are not responsible for connecting appliances or other items. Therefore, independent technicians may be needed to perform these services at your destination. If your company’s relocation policy authorizes these services, we will make the arrangements. Please prearrange any needed services with your move consultant before your delivery date.